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Welcome to our website!

  • Is aesthetic workmanship important to you?
  • Do you like lasting solutions?
  • Are you demanding when it comes to details?
  • Do you have an idea how to spend the time the others spend with maintenance and painting?



If you have given two or more ‘yes’ answers to the above questions, please go on … With some decades of experience behind us we can confidently say, that we are prepared to solve most of the problems we might face. However, if there is a situation we have not come across yet, we handle it as a challenge.

Our fundamental principles are that our products

  • perform their intended purpose
  • formally adjust to the style of the building and also to your idea
  • require minimum amount of maintenance service, if possible, they should be free of servicing
  • withstand a considerably bigger mechanical load than expected.


In an ideal case there is sufficient space for a personal entrance and a big gate for the cars. The oldest solution is the classic double swing gate.


Its biggest advantage is its simplicity. Each of our gates of this type turns on galvanized hinges, which render a later setting possible.




If the open wings take up too much space, the classic double swing gate is replaced by a folding gate.


An ascending driveway can be a problem, too. Our company has an elaborate solution for such a situation, too. An alternative solution is the sliding gate. Posuvna_brana


Its advantage is that it does not take up more space from the entrance even if it is open, so you can park your car conveniently right behind the gate. It rolls on galvanized wheels with bearings, each of them made to be able to carry at least twice bigger weight than it might ever be exposed to. The rail rises only approx. half of an inch (16 mm) above the walking surface. ‘Leading’ of the upper part is done by high solidity plastic rollers to ensure a quieter operation.

The self-carrying gates,


also known as floating gates are a higher category of the sliding gates. Their main advantage is that there is no rail running in the ground, thus ensuring a smooth passage. In case of industrial establishments it is a basic requirement if the merchandise is moved through the gate with a barrel. Its other big advantage is -and it is quite common in case of family houses- that on the slope the rainwater can flow smoothly, which can be really useful in the winter season. Sometimes there is not enough space for a small gate and a big gate separately. In these cases a built-in small gate is the solution. On the diagrams below you can see the solution for double swing gates and sliding gates. Of course it can be done in case of floating gates, too.Posuvna_brana


Bars and gratings

Beside the basic requirements for gates and railings the prescribed norms for bars have to be taken into consideration. These mainly include norms referring to the height and the distance between each of the vertical elements. In the last two decades we have received our orders in different stages of building processes. As a result of this, we have worked out the ways of fixing:

  • from the side
  • from above
  • before putting down the walking panels
  • after putting down the walking panels
  • before plastering
  • after plastering
  • before heat insulation
  • after heat insulation


The following diagram shows a few examples:



Some advice for making the right choice

Since your decision will serve your comfort, security and safety for decades, think over the most important aspects.

  • Inquire about the experience the competitive firms have on the given field.
  • Look into the references by all means. A finished product or an accomplished work is more likely to show what you will get than a photo, a description or a drawing attached to the quotation.


The trial of every decision is whether we would make them again if we knew the outcome. We wish you a well-considered decision-making.


We provide 5 years warranty for stainless stell products and 3 yeras for forged steel products.

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